Imagine... What if it all goes RIGHT?

Elevate Your Mindset and Level·UP Your Life!

What is The What·If·UP Club®?

We are a global movement of forward-thinking optimists working together in small groups to spread hope, build connection and inspire positive change. Founded by Mindy Audlin, author of What If It All Goes RIGHT?, The What·If·UP Club® offers the tools, the inspiration and the connections to elevate your thinking, maximize your impact, and bring your good ideas to life!

"Go ahead. Get your hopes UP.
That's where hope belongs."

- Mindy Audlin, Founder of The What·If·UP Club®

Experience the Power of "What If?"

Humanity is at a critical juncture, facing immense challenges that demand urgent action. Yet, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure about how to make a meaningful difference.

The What·If·UP Club® is a nonprofit organization founded on HOPE and the belief that every individual has the power to make an impact. Bring your intentions and challenges, and experience firsthand the transformative power of a "What·If·UP"® mindset. We will show you how! 

Engage in the Possibilities!

Join today and get immediate access to:

  • A live monthly "Members-Only MeetUPs" with Mindy Audlin, founder of The What·If·UP Club. Connect with Mindy live each month to ask questions, celebrate your #WINS, build momentum, and brainstorm next steps to help you reach your goals.
  • "What·If Wednesday" weekly challenges and online "book club" discussions.  Go deeper into the principles from the book, "What If It All Goes RIGHT?" by Mindy Audlin.
  • 24/7 Online Community Forum. Head over to our "Clubhouse" to connect with our 100% positive, big-thinking community of "What·If·Uppers" from around the world.  Brainstorm with other UPbeat creative-problem solvers without distraction from ads, naysayers or negativity.
  • Our Member Directory is a great tool for sharing a bit about yourself and finding other members who share your interests.
  • Our Local MeetUP Guide will help you plan and/or participate in local What·If·UP Circ;es with community members in your area.
  • Online coaching and support from Certified What·If·UP Coaches™ and What·If·UP Facilitators™. We are here to answer your questions, stimulate your imagination, and help you bust beyond limiting ideas and obstacles.
    • Our Manifesto. Receive a downloadable copy of our What·If·UP Manifesto to remind you of your power to transform fear and worry into faith and hope! 
    • The "What If It All Goes RIGHT?" Book.  Receive a free downloadable copy of the book that started the Movement, by our founder Mindy Audlin.
    • The "What If It All Goes RIGHT?" Theme Song. Download the song that speaks to our mission from country-music recording artist Amy Scruggs.
    • The What·If·UP Prosperity Meditation from best-selling author, star of The Secret, and president of our board, Dr. Joe Vitale.
    • Future Self Visualization. Envision your own best-case scenario for your life with this guided visualization from Mindy Audlin.

Want to Level·UP your Membership?

Once you're inside our community, you'll gain access to quarterly invitations to engage in one of our "Level·UP" small group cohorts. Led by a Certified "What·If·UP" Facilitator, these groups provide an opportunity to "Team·UP" with up to 12 inspiring members who are working on similar goals and intentions. 

Who is The What·If·UP Club® for?

💡 Intentional Visionaries. Let us fan your vision and support you in bringing it to fruition!

💡 Conscious Changemakers. We will help you tackle big issues with clarity, compassion, and courage!

💡 Purpose-Driven Leaders. Discover the tools to build engaged and inspired cultures that can level UP your mission!

💡 Creative Problem-Solvers. We will give your amazing imagination a daily work-out to optimize your creativity and boost your resilience in the face of challenges.

💡 Unsinkable Optimists (and those who want to be!). When you're struggling to find the silver lining, we are here for you! We aren't afraid to look at hard realities. In fact, we use them to challenge us to think outside the box, to innovate and grow!

If you're looking for a positive, UPlifting community where you can be yourself, dream big, and look for the good in whatever comes your way, you've found it!

We look forward to seeing you on the inside!